Whatever the age of your loved one, we can find a suitable keepsake to produce for you. Here is a guide to our product range and how you can obtain the items. More photos and examples of prices can be found on the Gallery page.

For Young Babies:                                       For Pets:

Baby foot casts are fabulous for very young babies - the younger the better! They are available in either silver, gold or copper finishes and can be put on a plinth or framed.

Your pet's pawprint can be miniaturised and made into a lovely silver keyring, cufflinks or jewellery item for a man or woman.  

You can also have your baby's hand or footprint miniaturised and imprinted into a beautiful item of silver jewellery, for men or women. A fabulous gift for Mum, Dad or a grandparent.  A keyring is a great gift idea for someone who doesn't wear jewellery.

For Older Children:

Hand casts or 2-dimensional casts of hands or feet are a good option.


For Adults:

Clasped hands are a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding or anniversary, or as an everlasting keepsake of an elderly loved-one.

They can also be a parent and child or two siblings. 

Fingerprints can be made into jewellery items for men and women, and so can hand or footprints.

For The Whole Family:

Charm bracelets or necklaces with charms for each family member and even their birthstones, can be designed to order.
Early drawings or children's writing can also be reproduced in silver. Casts of sibling's feet or hands can be framed together.  


 How Do I Get My Precious-Ones Keepsake?

For foot and hand casting and 2-dimensional casting, we will arrange a casting session either at your home or my premises.   For the silver jewellery ranges it is not always necessary to see you in person, depending on your requirements and where you are located. For pawprints, you can simply send or email me your pet's pawprint and I will make your piece.

Why not get together with some friends and have a group casting session?  You will get your piece much cheaper if your friends want some too.  I would also be happy to visit your baby group, nursery or other organisation to show people some samples if you obtain permission.

The first step is to call or email Helen to discuss your requirements, obtain a price and make the necessary arrangements.

07721 415252  mail@precious-ones.co.uk